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October 16, 2010



Rude awakening!!!! :( people are jerks!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 16, 2010, 7:26 AM
  • Mood: Pissed Off
Hello everyone! So I really need to vent about this. If I don't it's going to bother me the whole day! So I woke up, am checking some of my messages and I come along this one on my newest piece "Jack's Lament" :iconp3tr351: COMMENTS this "I don't get it. You take stuff made by other people, you put them in the same pic (in a terrible manner, I just hate those two pumpkins at the bottom corners) and call it yours. This is really weak, I mean it!" :wtf: Seriously? It's my artwork, I made it therefore it is mine. Obviously this moron doesn't know what stock photos are used for. I mean its fine if you don't like it, A lot of people don't like my artwork. I don't like certains works myself. But to make a comment like that is flat out LOW. I have never received such an awful comment in my life! I have received negative feedback on many artworks, but not like this one. Most of my criticism I receive I consider helpful but this however is not helpful at all. It just PISSES me off! So I replied to them saying this, "Umm yeah for one thing I didn't "take" anything, I used stock photos which can be used for anything. This is a photomanipulation, if you haven't noticed. All photomanipulators use "stock" images. I was inspired by the movie to create something and this is how you turned out. Some people like it and some may not, which is fine. I don't like certain artworks neither. But at least I don't go posting very rude comments on their artworks. It is very low. I appreciate non-rude feedback. It's fine if you say, "Oh I really don't care for this." But to say things like you did is not right. And if you hate it so much why even waste time commenting in the first place..." And then I put him on my block list after I sent it. Yes I know some of you probably think I'm a coward, but thats not it. I blocked him because I don't have time to waste responding to anymore comments he posts. I have a lot of messages on here and I'm not going to waste my time responding to complete idiots. Anyways this is all I had to share with you, I will stop my rant now. Hope you all have a good weekend, so far mine is off at a crappy start with this horrible comment! :heart:

Hello everyone!!! :blowkiss: Hope you all have had a splendid week! :dance: Yay for friday!! :excited: So my birthday is coming up (oct28) I'm going to be 24! OMG! It just seems like I was 18! And my wedding is in 8 months!!!! AHHH!!! I still have so much planning to do! Which means I might have to take a short break from dA, I'm not going to lie I am very addicted :giggle: Also I want to thank all of you AGAIN for the support, mainly referring to my last journal entry....I really
appreciate it! I will keep going, and who knows maybe someday I will place in a contest lol or even get a DD haha my dream :giggle:  :heart: Anyways,  I hope you are all excited for my newest piece which I will be submitting today, it's another Nightmare Before Christmas piece....I will give you a hint the title is "Jack's Lament" The song is on the soundtrack. :dance: Well I think that is enough for now!! Have a great weekend! :heart: :dalove:

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creativeXemo Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
that guy's just jealous cause he cant do the kind of editing you do..
LT-Arts Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010   Digital Artist
lol probably...or he is just pissed off that he sucks at photography so much,and wishes he could do photomanipulations. ughhh moron!
creativeXemo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
i so agree with you..
BlueAnomiS Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
you handled the situation very well ... that was very rude - what he did :|
LT-Arts Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010   Digital Artist
Thanks, I tried my best to reply without being a 100% bitch. I must admit it was extremely hard not to cuss him out lol. But even if I did he would have deserved it. :laughing: Just look at it this way, if he continues treating people that way he will get a taste of his own medicine one day! :giggle:
Lissaburd Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Awww it's a wittle baby troll. What a MORON!

if it was me, I wouldn't have wasted my time on a reply, hide, block. That's the extent of time I waste on idiots like him. I hope he reads these! YOU SUCK A$$HOLE! bwaa haaa haaa

LT-Arts Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010   Digital Artist
Yeah sounds like a troll to me. People who have nothing else better to do, than to insult other peoples artwork...Probably because their own works sucks horribly. :lmao: I was honestly just going to hide it and block him without replying because I told myself a while back that I was going to stop responding to stupid comments. But this was a very insulting comment so I had to say something back. But thats it for me, its done with no more replies from me...since the moron is blocked now. I won't have to waste anymore time reading his bullshit comments.
jorgeremmy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much indeed for the feature! I was very surprised and happy! You do not know how it is very important to me and your support! Again thank you for your support!


LT-Arts Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010   Digital Artist
You're very welcome! :hug: :heart:
jorgeremmy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much indeed for the feature! I was very surprised and happy! You do not know how it is very important to me and your support! Again thank you for your support!

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