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March 17, 2011


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Here it is finally! The feature for my beloved watchers! I am featuring whoever responded in my poll a couple weeks ago. I will have more polls in the future so if you are not featured today keep your eyes open for the next poll. Surprisingly not as many people wanted to be featured than I thought considering I have 1700 watchers. (same thing happened in vol. 1) :giggle: oh wells! anyways enjoy the features! & thank you watchers for the amazing support! :blowkiss: :heart: & if I forgot to add you for some reason please let me know!!

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He Sees .:Into My Heart:.I know someone--he's odd.
Oddly seeing through and past my defenses and
My schemes,
Into my heart of crystal dreams which is
Trapped in a locked case of steel bars
Called my ribcage.
He doesn't care about my charm
And refuses to be swayed by my smile.
He is who he is, and his chocolate eyes
Gaze unfettered into my own of purified water.
Can you run from someone who sees your soul
Better than you see your scars?
Leaves drift onto the avenue, he likes to listen
To a barely heard whisper as they layer on the sidewalks
And I want to ask him so badly
Does a heart sound as soft as those leaves?
Is that why you like to listen?

An image of his soft smile is answer enough.
He likes the light of the setting sun most,
But he always closes the curtains after noon to hold in
For his brother
Who has hair as curly as his, eyes apprenticed to him.
I wish I could be daylight, and he would hold me in his home.
I think he likes it when he makes me smile, even if
He won't be swayed if it
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The Last Battle
The night wind rustled through the trees; sending chills up people's backs. The town was winding down for the night. Shutters were shut and lamps were put out. Only a few people were still out and soon they too retreated into their homes. An eerie silence came over the town as its inhabitants slipped into dreamland.
Two yellow eyes looked down from the bell tower. They belonged to a man whose devilish smile and cynical demeanor made mothers usher their children quickly past. He had been perched in the highest reaches of the tower for two nights; waiting, watching and observing. He straightened from his position of leaning against the stone pillar. A smile formed on his lips and his black hair rustled with the wind.
"I've found you, my dear." He stated to the wind and jumped to the ground; absorbing the shock easily on his ankles and knees. Stealthily, he made his way along the deserted streets.
Not too far away, a young woman was just starting to fall asleep when she heard a noise outs
Down That Road - RevampedIt started out like it always did; just another companion to share some time with.  Fleeting, like the ripples on a pond; gone before even registered. My sickly green eyes had been enough to keep them arms length before.
Eric Sato: I met him and his nerdy Asian smile the first day at yet another new school, my fifth in two years. Second semester, middle of the year, and everyone already had friends; everyone but him. We had art class together. He was a photographer. I liked to draw.
A week later we had a mutual understanding. We hung out. We ate lunch together. We never agreed to, it just happened. He was the weird Japanese boy, I the bitchy white girl. He was a loner and so was I. We were loners together.
It was late September of the next year and we were sitting under a red leafed tree; our lunch spot. I was listening to my ipod while munching on an apple. Suddenly a camera clicked. I looked over and saw him with a guilty face.
"Sorry, the lighting was perfect. I couldn't r

BEST SIGHT EVER by fansnaruto-oldiblogIs there... Harry Potter by fansnaruto-oldiblog
Len Kagemine .:Vocaloid:. by Crystal-Moon-Beam All GoneAfter he left, everything fell out from beneath her.
Her closest friend, gone. Those happy times they had together, the secrets they shared, the bond they had grown between them. All gone.
Was it right for her to feel safe in her own darkness? Pushing her darkest secrets into the deepest depths of her mind, never to be brought to the surface again?
The cuts and wounds she endured were cut deep, so deep they never showed. But they memory never ceased.
Like the downpour in the winter, and the drizzle in the summer. In her own little shell, she wandered around in her solitude contently.
But her life, oh, the harsh reality. That was the only downside for this girl. Endless blood being shed, following her orders to avoid the dark side of fate. The discrimination of her personality, the hatred expressed, the wounds inflicted. She always wondered if there was ever a time at which she was happy. At times like these, she remembered him. His laugh, his smile, the way he held her hand when she wa

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RealitySurrounded by the nonexistent, with only my mind to comfort me, I am alone in this world I call my own; trapped in my imagination forever.  Life is but a dream - a nightmare, even.  A twisted hallucination created by my thoughts in the true reality, changing in stranger and stranger ways as my sanity fades in the life I cannot remember, the true life, the real life, the life I somehow cannot live.  This life I experience is just my thoughts playing tricks on my sense of reality as the insanity calls me closer and closer still.  As I lose faith in humanity, the frayed ends of my sanity slowly begin to burn away.  The flame of my mind flickers weakly as the last of the candle melts slowly.  I long for the life I have never known, but it is too late.  As the flame is extinguished, I sigh and close my eyes, awaiting the next journey, wherever it will take me.  First - darkness; next - a flicker of a world I nev
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